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Iran Day Safar | Zeeshan Haider | Audio Nohay

2019-20, Zeeshan Haider
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Iran Day Safar

album of Speaker: Zeeshan Haider, Collection of Year: 2019-20 – , You can share with your family & friends.

Track Title Duration Download
Baba Janry Ya Dhe Janry 08:03 Download
Be Rida Hamsheer Da 07:09 Download
Bibi Karendy Wairn Rhe 07:00 Download
Dewo Aan Mukan Main Ujri Kon 05:59 Download
Iran Day Safar 08:08 Download
Kis Ny Rakab Thami 08:27 Download
Mina Waly Karbala Waly 06:41 Download
Musalsal Qaid Khane Wich 07:55 Download
Qutelal Hussain 07:44 Download
Tafseer Quran E Natiq Di 06:25 Download
Teran Di Tayk Hay 08:02 Download

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